Cozy Up Next to a Roaring Fire

We sell firewood all year long in Hamilton Township, NJ

There's nothing like sitting next to a campfire on a cold winter's night. But you can't have a successful fire without the proper firewood. If your supply is running low, stop by Persons Farms & Greenhouse in Hamilton Township, NJ. We sell everything from heat-treated firewood to dried firewood. We also sell by the cord, half cord, quarter cord and bundle. You can trust that we'll satisfy all of your firewood needs.

Are you searching for unseasoned firewood? We've got you covered. Stop by our greenhouse today to browse our selection of firewood bundles.

Take a look at our pricing

When it comes to the firewood we sell, you have several options to choose from. You can purchase a:

  • Full cord: $225
  • Half cord: $150
  • Quarter cord: $90
  • Bundle: $8

We also offer free local delivery. Contact us now to learn more about the unseasoned firewood we have for sale.